Open Grill Cabin 14.9 M²

Key data

Shape: 8-corner

Inside area: 14.9 m²

Total height: 3.57 m

Persons: 10 people

  • Wall, roof panels;
  • 6 support wooden pillars;
  • Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected color: red, green or black;
  • Inside grill with cooking platforms and a tables around the grill;
  • Adjustable chimney;
  • Two windows;
  • 5 benches inside ( fixing to the wall);


A combination of scandinavian style and natural wood allows you to enjoy a cozy BBQ house. Due to its design and easy assembling the hut is extremely mobile and can be built in your garden, yard or campsite. This cottage will not endanger the landscape. The Grill cabin has an enclosed wall at the back, protecting against the wind. The open front allows you to enjoy the view and be in the fresh air.

Open Grill Cabin walls are made of rounded spruce boards. The support columns in front can be of two types: round and square. A roof is made of eight elements and covered with bitumen shingles (different colors can be selected: red, green and black). And there is a small porch with a roof at the entrance. Cabins are made from North spruce wood. North spruce is typically a creamy white, with a hint of yellow and/or red. Norway Spruce has a fine texture. Wall thickness is 45 mm.

The standard set includes a barbecue grill. There is a convenient wood- or charcoal-fired grill with a table around it inside the cabin. Also one adjustable cooking platform and two special platforms for a kettle, frying pan, etc. can be found. Above the grill there is an adjustable chimney.

Open Grill Cabin 14.9 m2 is delivered to the customer not assembled but fully complete, with detailed assembly instructions and drawings, and packed on a pallet (KIT). Two people can easily assemble Open Grill Cabin 14.9 m2 in 7  hours.

Open Grill cabin 14.9 m2 pallet size (L x W x H): 3.5 x 1.2 x 2.55 m.  Weight of the pallet - 1300 kg.


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Available grill and chimney KITS:
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