Key data

Shape: rectangular or round

Suitable from smallest to large public saunas

  • Your chosen electric or woodburning heater;
  • Sauna stones: quantity according to the stove capacity of the stove;
  • Standard chimney KIT (only for woodburning heaters);
  • A control unit, if included in the heater KIT (only for  electric heaters).
Product sheet

More elegance in your sauna with modern heater

Viking Industrier offer a collection of stoves tailored to our products from the smallest saunas, family saunas to large public saunas. There are two types of heaters: electric and firewood heaters. Our range of sauna heaters offer a modern solution with stylish design that makes them an integral part of your sauna oasis. Traditional way and modern technology enables great heat capabilities in your sauna cabin. We provide sauna stones in standard set of heater to ensure a pleasant level of humidity in your sauna.

Electric heaters

Electric sauna heaters look modern and safe, provides a pleasant sauna experience without any extra effort. 


Vega BC60 / BC80                    Harvia  Globe                           Harvia Trendi KIP90                       Harvia Club                   Harvia Elegance

Electric heaters for small saunas:

Vega BC60 / BC80 (6,0 / 8,0 KW). Harvia Vega is an elegant heater that is easy-to-use. The stainless steel outer casing of the heater gives your sauna a modern look. The operating switches are placed ergonomically in the upper part, on the side of the heater, which provides easy operating. Vega is easy to mount on a separate mounting rack. Because of the symmetrical design, there is no need to change the handedness of the heater - it is simply selected. Electrical connections are made from the side of the heater. Vega's structure makes it possible to mount the heater low on the sauna wall. The Vega models BC60, BC80 are equipped with a built-in control unit. Vega BC60  recommended for sauna size 5- 8 m3. Vega BC80  recommended for sauna size 7- 12 m3 .

Electric heaters for family saunas:

Harvia Trendi KIP90 (9,0 kW) is a traditional wall-mounted heater in which price and quality meet in a manner that is sure to warm the bather. Reliable and affordable, KIP is also adaptable, as the control switches on the lower part of the heater can be placed on the left or right side or on the front.  The large stone space provides optimal heat release. A recommended for sauna size 8- 14 m3

Harvia Globe (10,5 kW)The efficient use of high-quality raw material – robust stainless steel – and chemical-free surface handling are examples of environmentally conscious thinking.The heater’s construction, which consists of accurately laser-cut steel arcs and rings, represents new thinking as well. The heater’s stone mass has been optimized: it warms up sufficiently fast without compromising on the steam’s softness. The Harvia Globe heater is operated through the touch control panel. The simply elegant and splash-proof control panel can be installed on the in- or outside of the sauna. The heater has a compact power unit, which takes care of the electricity supply to the heating elements. A recommended for sauna size 9- 15 m3

Electric heaters for lager saunas:

Harvia Club  K13, G (13.5 kW). Harvia Club is floor-mounted electric heater. The heater is designed to serve as true super heater capable of providing heat for large numbers of users from morning till night. Heaters used in large saunas or on a continuous basis must be functional, efficient and comfortable to use. Club heaters are completely made of stainless steel. Club heaters are controlled by a separate control unit. A recommended for sauna size 11- 20 m3

Harvia Club K15G (15 kW). Harvia Club K15G heaters are excellent for health clubs, wellness centres, hotels, holiday resorts, indoor swimming pools, large family saunas and other facilities where saunas are in frequent use. The Club heaters are controlled by a separate control unit. A recommended for sauna size 14- 24 m3

Harvia Elegance F16.5 (16,5 kW) is an elegant heater that catches the eye. The design is stylish and the heater can be installed in the middle of the sauna floor or embedded to the benches. The heater is best suited for commercial saunas and large family saunas.  The Elegance heater is controlled by a separate control unit. A recommended for sauna size 9 - 18 m3

Woodburning heaters

The wood burning system heats up the rocks evenly, the sauna warms up quickly and the result is soft heat. Create a pleasant steam by sprinkling water on the rocks.


Harvia M3                     Harvia M3 SL                Harvia 20 Pro                      Harvia SL 20                     Harvia 26 Pro                 Harvia 36 

Harvia M3 (16.5 kW). Harvia M3 has a classic design and is suitable for smaller, woodburning saunas. It turns a sauna bath into a pleasurable experience and adds a touch of traditional sauna atmosphere. Harvia M3 comes equipped with a glass door, allowing a warm glow of the fire to complement this sauna atmosphere. A color of the stove is elegant graphite black and it has a stainless steel air-flow spoiler. A recommended size of the sauna room is 6–13 m3

Harvia M3 SL (16.5 kW, outside firewood feeding) -  ease of use reaches a new level. The Harvia M3 SL wood-heated stove provides twice the opportunities to enjoy heat. The stove is placed in the sauna and the firewood is inserted into the fire chamber from the other side of the wall. A recommended for sauna size 6 - 13 m3

Harvia 20 Pro (24.1 kW). Harvia 20 Pro gives a good hot bath in medium-sized saunas. It has a big stone space and an air-flow spoiler made of stainless steel. Through the cast-iron glass door a warm glow of the fire adds to the sauna atmosphere. This model also features adjustable legs to facilitate installation and, for example, help in adjusting the height of the smoke outlet. The outer casing of the stove is painted graphite black. A recommended for sauna size 8 - 20 m3

Harvia SL 20 (24.1  kW, outside firewood feeding). SL models are designed for people who want to conveniently heat their sauna from another room or outside the building. The opening direction of the door can be changed, making these stoves even easier to use. SL stoves provide great bathing in small and medium-sized saunas. The adjustable legs in 20-series make it easy to install the stove in a straight position despite the floor inclination. A recommended for sauna size 10 - 26 m3

Harvia 26 Pro (26.6 kW) brings top-class bathing to larger saunas. The large number of stones ensures good heat even if the fire dies down. The stove features a cast-iron glass door and an air-flow spoiler made of stainless steel. The adjustable legs make the stove easy to place in the sauna. The outer casing of the stove is painted graphite black. A recommended for sauna size 10 - 26 m3

Harvia 36 (31 kW). The Harvia 36 stove is a powerhouse stove for large saunas. The generous amount of stones guarantees a proper sauna experience for a large group of people. The warm wood-heated sauna atmosphere lasts for a long time, and the stones will continue to give off steam even if the fire runs temporarily out. The graphite black outer casing, the robust glass door of the fire chamber and the guaranteed performance of the stove are of the reliable quality of the world’s largest stove manufacturer.  A recommended for sauna size 14 - 36 m3

Accessories to heaters

Stones for saunas

The reason for this is that the split-face stones store plenty of heat, making the water thrown onto them vaporise efficiently on the broad fracture surface. The split-face stones are easy to stack and enable good air circulation, which saves the heating elements of an electric heater. The split-face sauna stones are selected with respect for old sauna traditions and provide bathers with proper, soft steam sensations.

Shiny steel chimney

The steel chimney is a stylish, stainless steel chimney solution that is easy to install. The steel chimney withstands extensive changes in temperature and has mainly been designed for use with wood-heated stoves, smaller fireplaces and iron stoves in detached sauna buildings. The standard delivery of the steel chimney includes the steel chimney and a utility box with 1.0 m of non-insulated smoke pipe, a rain cap, a rubber rain flange and an installation set for the rain flange, a stainless steel lead-through flange for the ceiling and a lead-through insulation and protector. The steel chimney can easily be extended.