Luxury Sauna Barrel 3 M

Key data

Shape: Round

Inside area: 9 or 11 m3

Total height: 2.4 m

6-8 people

  • Sauna barrel from thermowood;
  • Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected color;
  • Stainless steel tightening bands;
  • Door with a lock and a  biger tempered glass window;
  • 2  opening windows in the front wall, on the sides of the door;
  • Full glass window in the back wall;
  • 2 opposite facing sauna benches from deciduous wood (legs made from larch);
  • Modern looking and solid back rests from deciduous wood;
  • The sauna floor is made from larch;
  • Heat-resistant plates for the heater/stove;
  • LED strips on the outside and inside of the sauna;
  • The sauna comes to the customer assembled and painted.

Sauna Barrel in a new level

The Luxury Sauna Barrel fit up to 7-8 people and measures a full 30 cm larger in diameter than our classic barrel saunas (1.9 m diameter). A roof of the sauna is be made of bitumen shingles (black, red or green) or  it can be made from wooden shingles. An overall height including the roof is  2.4 m. The roofing edges are lower than in standard sauna barrel design. 


This Luxury sauna barrel is made from thermowood. Thermowood is a natural and renewable resource for construction, but has greater stability and resistance to rot making it a far more dependable product. Sauna benches and modern looking solid back rests are made  from deciduous wood (legs made from larch). Deciduous wood  - linden (aspen or alder wood are also availabe). The floor of sauna is made from larch.  Thickness of sauna barrel walls is 38 mm. Thickness of the a solid wood flooring is 18 mm. 


Luxury Sauna Barrel is available in a two types of layout, with terrace or without terrace: 

  • 0.6 m lenght terrace/ 2.22 m (9 m3) lenght sauna room
  • Without terrace/ 2.72 m (11 m3) lenght sauna room

We prepared recommendations for available sauna heaters according to the size of the sauna room and the ratio of the heaters. There are available electric and woodburning heaters:

Electric heaters for sauna without terrace: Harvia VegaBC80, 8kW (7-12 m3) / Harvia TrendiKIP90, 9kw (8 -14 m3) /  Harvi Globe GL110, 10,5 kw ( 9-15,m3) / Harvia "Club",13,5 kw (11-20 m3) / Harvia "Elegance" F16.5, 16,5 kw (9-18m3). Electric heaters for sauna with terrace:  Harvia VegaBC80, 8kW (7-12 m3) / Harvia Trendi KIP90, 9kw (8 -14 m3) /  Harvi Globe GL110, 10,5 kw ( 9-15,m3) / Harvia "Elegance" F16.5, 16,5 kw (9-18m3).

Woodburning heaters for sauna without terrace: Harvia M3, 16.5 kw (6-13 m3) / Harvia Pro 20, 24 kw (8-20 m3) /  Harvia M3 SL (outside firewood feeding), 16,5 kw (6-13 m3) / Harvia SL 20  (outside firewood feeding), 24,1 kw (8-20 m3) / Harvia  26 Pro, 26,6 kw (10 - 26 m3). Woodburning heaters for sauna with terrace: Harvia M3, 16.5 kw (6-13 m3) / Harvia Pro 20, 24 kw (8-20 m3) /  Harvia M3 SL (outside firewood feeding), 16,5 kw (6-13 m3) / Harvia SL 20  (outside firewood feeding), 24,1 kw (8-20 m3). You are free to choose heaters design. 

Entire back wall of sauna  made from the glass. This glass is 10 mm thick, tempered, brown-toned and covered with a 100 micron protective film. There is a special safety fence between the glass wall and a sauna heater inside.There are two opening glass tempered windows in the front wall of sauna. The spacious interior allows for wider benches, making this our most deluxe sauna barrels design. 

LED lights provides a cozy combination

The sauna is equipped with a  LED lights. 7 meters of LED strips are used on the outside of the sauna: 2 meters on the sides of the sauna, under the roof edge, and 1.5 meters on the sides of the front door. 8 meters of LED are used inside of the sauna: on both sides of the sauna under the benches there are 2 meters of LED lights, also  LED lighting is fitted under the back supports (2 meters on each side). Upon customer's request, we can install a wood-fired furnace or an electric heater in the barrel sauna. 

The sauna is delivered to a customer fully assembled. Size of a 2.20 diameter assembled cargo (L x W x H): 3.06 x 2.32 x 2.40 m. Weight: 600-800 kg.

*Comment: sauna barrels with the glass back wall are delivered only fully assembled.

Available roof:
Additional accessories:
Available electric and wood burning heaters