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Product description

Rustic design of Trekking Pod is naturally suited to any landscape. Great solution for a one-night break with your family on a hiking trip or in a wildlife trip. Whether for travelers, cyclists or families - POD is nice for everyone!

Flooring. Inside flooring of the Trekking Pod  is from Crown Xonic R022 "Long Beach".  The core of Krono Xonic is formed by a hard panel that offers easy installation, and in combination with the proven Top Clic system, furnishes excellent stability.There is no panel shrinkage. High level of dimensional stability, no issues with moisture swelling (as with wood floors), high thermal dimensional stability up to 35°C. Unique finish: waterproof, soft and warm underfoot, anti-bacterial coating, silent due to walking and impact sound insulation, microscratch protection, stain and imprint resistant.

Insulation. Insulated Trekking Pod for year round use, warm in winter, cool in summer with low power demand. This pod has insulated front and back wall, also all roof with 50 mm stone wool.

Roofing. We use an elegant and practical „Gerard’s“ roofing. Corrosion resistant Aluminum-Zinc steel, coated by volcanic stone chips and installed in unique interlocking structurected with easily removed silicon membrane.

The secret sauce is the protective layer of aluminum-zinc (55% aluminum, 43,4% zinc and 1,6% silicon) on the steel body. It makes „Gerard’s“ metal roof tiles light, strong and corrosion resistant. Unique, horizontal fixing system, each panel is fasten horizontally at 8 different points with strong fasteners or nails to roof battens, thus wind shear is virtually eliminated. Most other roofing products relay on vertical fixing methods that are prone to lifting in high winds. This roofing can withstand snow loading and there is no degradation of the surface coating when exposed to ice or frost! Roofing system is resistant to fire as the incombustible steel substrate and surface coating prevents even the spread of flames. With every tile being securely fastened at eight points, there is little chance of the roof collapsing and will not allow sparks penetrating through into the house. A „Gerard“ roof is excellent in comparison to other steel roofing products. The reduced noise impact is the result of our textured, stone chip coated finish and the interlocking system, which minimizes the transmission of sound.

Electrical wiring. 2 sockets, double power switch, cable outlet for the heater; 2 outgoing wires for illuminating lamps.

Terrace. In the front of Trekking Pod is terrace covered with a roof. The depth of the terrace is 84 cm. An additional terrace from thermowood connect to it.  Its size is 2146 x 1360 mm. So the entire length of the terrace is 2.2 m.

People 2-3persons
Timber Spruce
Shape Pod
Room One Room inside
Inside area 6.0square meters
Total height 2610mm
Floor thickness 28mm
Roof thickness 38mm
Wall thickness 38mm
Insulation 50mm stone wool
External dimension 2360 x 3970mm
Door size 1200 x 1700mm
Window size 250 x 130mm
Terrace 2146 x 1360mm
Insulated pod made from spruce;
Roof covered with „Gerard“ roof coating of your selected color;
Insulated roof (5 cm stone wool);
Insulated front and back wall panels (5 cm stone wool)
Double modern looking door with a lock and the double glass windows;
One opening air vent window in the back wall;
Electrical wiring;
Inside Flooring - Krono Xonic R022 “Long Beach“;
One room inside
Covered porch (the oor from terrace boards);
Additional terrace from thermowood;
Size of pallets (LxWxH) 3.91 x 2.4 x 2.6m

The Trekking Pod is delivered to a customer fully assembled. Size of a assembled cargo (L x W x H): 3.91 x 2.4 x 2.6 m + terrace 1.4 x 2.4 x 0.4 m.

It is very important to have a proper foundation for your camping pod. Therefore we recommend making the foundation according to the sketches here. First of all, foundation must be prepared according to the landscape and ground conditions. Consult a qualified builder or an engineer to prepare a proper foundation, which fits your location. Make sure to complete the site preparation and the foundation before unpacking and assembling the camping pod. 

Available Roof Color for Trekking Pod

MAINTENANCE. As wood is a natural material, it can change through time. Cracks of various sizes, changes of the color as well as of a structure of the wood are not the errors, but a feature of wood. Natural wood (not impregnated) becomes grayish after having been left untouched for a while. Later it can turn blue and get covered with the mold. Therefore, you should immediately impregnate the wood to protect the products. We strongly recommend that you impregnate the door and windows with a wood impregnation agent both the inside and outside of them, because the doors and windows can become twisted otherwise. In general, we recommend consulting a specialist regarding the paints suitable for an unprocessed softwood and follow the instructions of paints’ manufacturers. Proper painting of the camping pod will extend its lifetime. Besides that, we suggest you thoroughly inspecting the pod every six months and checking if it needs re-painting or else.
It’s not advisable to paint the camping pod walls before assembling it – this is best done when the camping pod has been already assembled and when the weather is fine. However, if you wish to paint some parts in different colors, this should be done before the camping pod is assembled.

Important: In order to good rest  for your guests, it is necessary to constantly ventilate the camping pod.