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Product description

The catalog describes Camping Product groups: Camping Pods, Insulated Camping Pods, Camping cabins, Sleeping barrel and Glamping products. For each product description, you will find basic specification data, photos, standard set of product.

  • Language: english
  • Catalog format: A4
  • Catalog print: colored,  double-sided printing
  • Possible order: not less than 50 pcs.

The catalog is a representative publication, therefore it contains the accuracy of the information, precise product specifications, please contact the sales manager. 

If you need a catalog with your logo, specify it in the order. Requirements for your logo: JPG or PNG format file with resolution not less than 300dp.

You can order it in our dealer system or write to the sales manager:

Printed catalog in A4 format;
Catalog cover without logo or with your logo;
At least 50 pieces of catalogs in set.