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Product description

The leaflet describes Camping product groups: Camping Pods, Insulated Camping Pods, Camping cabins, Sleeping barrel and Glamping products.  For each product you will find basic specification data, photo, standard set of product. All camping products range in one document.

  • Language: english
  • Format: A4 
  • Catalog print: colored,  double-sided printing
  • Possible order: not less than 50 pcs.

The leaflet is a representative publication, therefore it contains the accuracy of the information, precise product specifications, please contact the sales manager. 

If you need a leaflet with your logo, specify it in the order. Requirements for your logo: JPG or PNG format file with resolution not less than 300dp.

You can order it in our dealer system or write to the sales manager:

Printed catalog in A4 format;
Cover without logo or with your logo;
At least 50 pieces of catalogs in set.