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Product description

Sauna POD 2.4 x 2.3 m is a beautiful solution for the gardens with the "soft edges". It looks nice and is different from the popular sauna cabins or sauna barrels. It can also be built next to the Camping Pod and make your camping place look smooth and cozy.

Sauna Pod  2.4 x 2.3 m is made from spruce. We mainly use Nordic spruce, which comes from Scandinavia. The light, golden-white softwood radiates a friendly warmth. Every single board used for our Sauna Pod has its own individual character and history, and this makes our Sauna Pod a real natural and unique product. But the benches of the sauna are made from deciduous wood: black alder or aspen. Deciduous wood is used because there are no pockets of resin that can stain due to the high heat in the sauna. 

The size of sitting sauna bench is - 595 x 2024 mm and the width of low sauna bench is 275 mm. The height of bench is 250 mm and the length of the bench can be ordered according to your needs.

In the sauna there are two vertical windows in the back wall. The size of window is 209 x 654 mm. Glass doors in the sauna inject more daylight. The size of glass tempered door is 685 x 1854 mm. Thickness of the sauna pod walls is 38 mm. Thickness of the solid wood flooring is 28 mm. A roof is covered with bitumen shingles of selected color: black, red or green. Sauna pod is 2.3 m long and 2.4 m wide. Overall height including the roof is 2.6 m. Upon customer's request, we can install a wood-fired furnace or an electric heater in the sauna.

People 2-3persons
Timber Spruce
Shape Pod
Room One Room inside
Inside area 4.7square meters
Sauna area 4.7square meters
Total height 2585mm
Floor thickness 28mm
Roof thickness 38mm
Wall thickness 38mm
External dimension 2458 x 2390mm
Door size 685 x 1854mm
Window size 209 x 654mm
Sauna Pod made from spruce;
Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected color;
One room inside: a sauna room;
2 tempered glass windows in the back wall;
Tempered glass door with wooden handles;
2 benches for sauna sitting from deciduous wood;
2 low sauna benches for legs of deciduous wood;
Heat-resistant plates for the heater/stove.
Assembling time 8hours

The sauna pod is delivered to a customer fully assembled or not assembled, but fully complete, with detailed assembly instructions and drawings, and packed on a pallet (KIT). Two people can easily assemble this camping pod in 8 hours.

It is very important to have a proper foundation for your Sauna Pod. Therefore we recommend making the foundation according to the sketches here.
First of all, foundation must be prepared according to the landscape and ground conditions. Consult a qualified builder or an engineer to prepare a proper foundation, which fits your location. Make sure to complete the site preparation and the foundation before unpacking and assembling the Sauna Pod.

Electric heater Harvia "Club",13.5 kw (11-20 m3)

Electric heater Harvia Globe GL110, 10.5kw (9-15m3)

Electric heater Harvia Trendi KIP90, 9 kw (8 -14 m3)

Electric heater Harvia Vega BC80, 8 kW (7-12 m3)

Wood burning heater Harvia M3 SL (outside feeding), 16.5 kw (6-13 m3)

Wood burning heater Harvia M3, 16.5 kw (6-13 m3)

Wood burning heater Harvia Pro 20, 24 kw (8-20 m3)

Wood burning heater Harvia SL 20 (outside feeding), 24.1 kw (8-20 m3)

Available roof colors

Available roof colors - Black Bitumen black shingles
Available roof colors - Green Bitumen green shingles
Available roof colors - Red Bitumen red shingles

Sauna Pod Packaging: Assembled or not assembled

  • Not assembled - KIT
  • Assembled

Back Rest

Head Rest

Clothes Hanger

Sauna Light

Sauna Light Cover

Thermometer - Hydrometer

Water Tank For Woodburning Heaters

Heater Safety Fence for Electric Haters

Heater Safety Fence for Woodburning Haters

Wooden Bucket

Wooden Ladle

Bucket + Ladle Duo White

Stainless steel door sill

USAGE. Saunas typically take 30-40 minutes to heat up. The rec­ommended temperature is 80-90º C. The thermometer should be located at head level in the sauna. It should be located away from the heater or the door so it will not give a false reading.

Enjoy the many health benefits of relaxing heat in your own Sauna Barrel just remember that staying in the hot Sauna for long periods of time makes the body tempera­ture rise, which may be dangerous. The recommended time inside a Sauna Barrel is from 10 to 15 minutes. Take a five-minute break and then repeat. Also you should keep safety instructions and keep away from the stove when it is hot.

Never throw water on the stones when there are people near the stove, because hot steam may burn their skin. Be very careful when moving in the Sauna, as the benches and floors may be slippery. Do not hang clothes to dry in the Sauna, as this may cause a risk of fire. Also check your body for any metal (jewelry and zippers, for example) in order to prevent it from burning your body when it quickly heats up in the facility. We strongly recommend shouldn’t use the Sauna to pregnant women and neither should young children.

MAINTENANCE. As wood is a natural material, it can change through time. Cracks of various sizes, changes of the color as well as a structure of the wood are not the errors, but a fea­ture of a wood. Natural wood (not impregnated) becomes grayish af­ter having been left untouched for a while. Later it can turn blue and get covered with the mold. Therefore, you should immediately impregnate the wood to protect the products.

We strongly recommend that you impregnate the door and windows with a wood impregnation agent both the inside and outside of them, because the doors and windows can become twisted otherwise. In general, we recommend consulting a specialist regarding the paints suitable for an unprocessed softwood and follow the manufacturers’ of paints instructions. Properly painting the Sauna Barrel will extend its lifetime. Besides that, we suggest you thoroughly inspecting the Barrel every six months and checking if it needs re-painting or else.

It’s NOT advisable to paint the sauna walls before as­sembling it – this is best done when the sauna has been already assembled and when the weather is fine. However, if you wish to paint some parts in different col­ors, this should be done before the sauna is assembled.